Recently, I spoke with a person who received a computer message from xxx anti-virus software. The message indicated that the computer was infected. Out of concern, this person signed up to receive anti-virus protection and paid a fee via credit card.

This person now realizes the question that should have been asked, “Is this a scam?”

And sadly it was. The software downloaded was probably “virus software” (malware) instead of “anti-virus” software. A previously clean system now has malware.

Beware: you may be subject to a similar ploy!

By the way, we’ve had our first call from a Mac user whose system was infected by malicious software. Any system can be infected.

Be suspicious. Don’t follow bogus advice.

A few things you can do:

  1. Internet security software – Use trusted internet security software and become familiar with how it works.
  2. Use multiple levels of protection – These include updating software, use a firewall, use caution with links and attachments, etc.
  3. Backup – Regularly backup your computer, keep one copy off-site.
  4. When in doubt – Turn off the computer, and contact ForeSight.

Click here for additional information from the Microsoft website.

Click here for additional information from the Apple website.

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