Yet again, a report of another security breach—this time a report of 5 million Gmail passwords leaked. Approximately 3 weeks earlier, reports indicated that at least 5 U.S. banks were facing coordinated attacks. And prior to that, an alert specified that a major health care provider had fallen prey to attacks.

According to Forbes, “Over the past 10 years, there have been over 300 data breaches involving the theft of 100,000 or more records (that have been disclosed publicly).”1

Protection of your business data, and that of your customers, is critical. Because business data is inherently valuable, it is at RISK from criminals—extortionists, thieves, and the underworld. Not exactly the type of business dealings we want to encourage!

If all businesses adequately protected themselves, data theft would greatly diminish.

Is your business properly protected?

The security needs of each business are individually unique. What safeguards are in place for your business? How effective are they? What security measures can your budget support? Do you periodically review and assess your protection? What changes do you anticipate in the coming years which could affect your security needs?

Data Protection Levels to Consider:

  1. Early Detection – What measures are in place to determine the current threat level and effectiveness of your security? (Monitoring occurrences of failed login attempts and changes in data volume are examples.)
  2. Deterrence– What are you doing, or what can you do, to deter the attempt of data theft? (As an analogy: think of lighting at a business property—which is not as much  theft prevention as it is a deterrent)
  3. Prevention – For illustration, think of the secure fence, locked door, and procedures in place to reduce theft at physical business locations. Since no single element is undefeatable, a business uses multiple levels of prevention to protect its property. Likewise, in terms of data, since no single element is undefeatable, businesses must use multiple levels of prevention to protect data. How is your business data protected? Is your protection effective?

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