A criminal attempts to break into your business through the front door; what will discourage or stop him? Security system, lighting, security guard, video surveillance, strong lock, police patrol?

While none of these in isolation may stop the attack–combined, they make the break-in attempt too difficult to succeed. Disaster averted!

A criminal attempts to break into your business through your network; what will discourage or stop him? It is possible to access your business through this “entrance” too.

Consider: if your business has access to the internet, your business is vulnerable—just as it could be attacked by means of a physical door leading into your office.

Don’t make the critical mistake of minimizing the importance for security planning at this critical point of entry!

A Few Effective Network Defenses:

  1. Hardware Firewall – This is equivalent to a properly locked front door. Only those with permission can enter your network.
  2. Strong Passwords –Think of this as the lock on the inner office doors or file cabinets.
  3. Internet Security Software – This is similar to the security guard or video surveillance system watching for improper activity.
  4. Updated Hardware / Software – This insures the latest defenses and not those that the crooks have already defeated.
  5. Avoid The “Administrator” Role – If someone does succeed at breaking in, the “user” role limits the harm they can do.
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