Remember the Scout Motto? “Be prepared.”

Turns out, this jewel of a motto is great advice for both young adults with camping gear AND computer owners, to boot!

As a matter of fact, why wouldn’t everyone follow this wise directive?

Granted, those who endeavor to avoid significant risks spend a little more time and money up front doing so. But keep in mind that those who don’t prepare spend significant money recovering from difficult problems and risk ultimate failure in an “I could kick myself moment.”

Be Prepared — 4 ways to protect your data and your computers:

  1. Backup – Create both a local backup and an off-site backup. Two opportunities to recover in the event of a failure: the local copy for a quick recovery and the off-site backup far away from disaster.
  2. Avoid Malicious Software – Good enforced company policy and effective internet security tools.
  3. Protect Your Privacy – Mindful users and effective firewalls limit access to those with a need to know.
  4. Invest In Your Future – The best organizations assure that they have the equipment necessary to get the job done reliably and quickly. New hardware and software is available to help you improve your organization.

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