Although not a complete list, ForeSight Computer Solutions highly recommends you take these critical precautions:

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  1. Create verified backups frequently, store off-site
  2. Use an effective firewall
  3. Implement trusted and updated anti-virus (anti-malware) protection that comes from a reliable source
  4. Insure users are trained on effective security procedures
  5. Use strong unique passwords
  6. Use only trusted, updated and patched software
  7. Physically secure servers and computers
  8. Clean and inspect computers regularly
  9. Use caution with email, attachments, and file sharing
  10. Insure wireless security (if utilized)
  11. Review log files / monitor server(s)
  12. Have a competent professional complete a periodic network analysis

Note: Recommendations are subject to change and must be adjusted to suit each unique situation. Please seek advice from a competent professional for specific recommendations concerning your particular situation.