This is the ultimate cat and mouse game. Bad people write malicious software; good people create anti-virus software; bad people write new types of malicious software; good people update their anti-virus software, etc., etc., etc.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of viruses in circulation which frequently affect business computers. The difficulty to the computer owner when this happens is the cost of virus removal, computer downtime, potential data loss, and the likely security threat posed by the malicious software.

There are both simple one-task applications as well as comprehensive internet security suites. We suggest the latter. You could build your own comprehensive security suite by utilizing utilities that collectively address all security risks, but this is likely more difficult.

Be sure you run effective internet security software which has been acquired from a reliable source and is kept up-to-date. Please be aware that some “anti-virus software” available (usually through the internet) is in effect “virus software” and can actually install viruses on your computer! While there are some good free products available, we typically recommend software produced by US based for-profit companies that have a long-term vested interest in your protection.

Update Anti-virus Software – don’t let your subscription expire; make sure the virus definitions are up to date. If you software does not automatically get updates, you will need to remember to obtain them on a regular basis. Anti-virus software that is not receiving regular updates is missing a key ingredient which is required for effective operation.

What would you do if a pop-up appeared saying that you have a virus? Don’t follow its suggestions unless the guidance is from a trusted and reliable source!