These are all means by which people with malicious intent can attempt to bring you harm.

Web Pages – Links to malicious software can be cleverly hidden in innocent looking web pages. It is best to visit well known, trusted web sites. If you are offered a link to click that looks suspicious…don’t. It is best to close the web browser if you suspect trouble.

Email – This can appear to be from a friendly source but instead come from another source entirely. As a result, the links provided in an email may not take you to the destination indicated. Furthermore, instructions or information in the email could be a scam designed to trick you. Use caution. Business class email filtering is available to greatly decrease the risks you face.

Attachments – These can contain malicious software. Opening an attachment can in effect install this malicious software. While you may not download software from a strange website, people are often duped into installing software that comes in an attachment.

File sharing and instant messaging tools – While they can be useful these also can be misused by evil people. Use caution! ForeSight Computer Solutions offers business class file sharing solutions.

It is safer to operate a computer in a mode that does not give the user administrator rights and privileges. A user accountant with standard or limited authority will help prevent potentially dangerous changes from being made to the computer. Operating in a more restricted role will also make it more difficult to install software without the knowledge of the user.