Reduce expense—in this economy; who can afford to do otherwise?

Yet, I ask you:

Why save When You Can SAVE?

Do you endure rising expenses and reduced reliability in order to forego the expense of new computers?

If so, consider:

What is the value of improving your business productivity by 30%, reliability by 50%, security by 25%, energy consumption by 30%, and employee morale by 20%?

Likely, it would be worth far more to you than the cost of replacing an outdated computer system. Such improvement is indeed plausible; your business is a great place to invest!

Consider refreshing your equipment on a scheduled basis, thereby maximizing your business benefit.

A new system offers:

  1. Performance – New computer performance is typically much improved over what generally was available 5 years ago. Also, newer software includes features which further improve efficiency of your workforce and responsiveness to your customers.
  2. Reliability – Seldom do new computers fail. Most computer failures occur after 3 or more years of service. The failure rate continues to increase year after year, reducing the cost effectiveness of postponing equipment replacement.
  3. Security –Each software release generally improves on the security of the prior version. Realize that Power PC Mac computers likely can’t be upgraded. Windows Server 2000 support has ended and Windows XP SP 3 extended support ends 4/8/14.
  4. Acquisition Cost – The cost (per computer) of acquiring a group of computers is much less than the cost of replacing only a few. There are many economies of scale that make mass replacement less expensive.
  5. Predictability – Many companies, realizing the true cost of unplanned computer downtime, take action to refresh equipment in a planned and efficient manner. This approach offers many seen and unseen savings benefits—all within the framework of dependability and predictability.
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