At any time a company may face a recovery from a disaster. Disaster can come from many sources such as:

theft, data corruption, water damage, tornado, fire, earthquake, explosion, terrorism, virus attack, accidental data deletion, intentional data deletion, electrical spike, vandalism, war, hardware failure, etc…

The survival of the company can be easily jeopardized if an effective disaster avoidance plan is not in place. Most companies don’t realize how critical their data is until they attempt to operate without it! While data back-ups are a critical  part of a successful disaster avoidance plan, a comprehensive plan goes well beyond simply having back-ups.

We were recently informed about a business which was attacked by ransomware. All 80 of their workstations and all of their servers were attacked simultaneously. Were it not for their effective backup solutions they would have been completely unprepared to deal with the recovery.

Successful disaster recovery begins with quick problem detection, followed by restoration of computer services/data in order to allow normal business operation to resume with minimal delay.