It’s a fact: things do go wrong. This is a surprise to no one. Wise business people know this and take steps to assure that when things do go wrong that there is an effective recovery method available. If you are hesitant to spend money on a backup & recovery solutions, consider the costs that you will encounter without a sufficient solution when you face a disaster.

All too often we place much emphasis on backup. While on the surface this seems only natural the trap we can fall into is in not planning and preparing for a successful recovery. The backup will have no value unless a successful recovery can be accomplished. For this reason we focus on the ability to recover thereby making sure that design a solution that will fully meet the needs of the business.

Many advances have been made in the hardware, software, and monitoring related to backup & recovery. What was not feasible just a few years ago likely now is.

An optimum good backup solution includes these features:

  • Local storage of backup data. Local storage normally provides for the quickest recovery available.
  • Off-site (or cloud) storage of backup data. This is critical in the event that a local disaster occurs.
  • Ability to recover using the last backup taken or previous backups if the most recent backup was made before the problem was detected
  • Means to recover the entire computer without the need to reinstall the operating system and applications from scratch.
  • Capability to recover selected files and/or folders
  • Monitoring to assure that the backup is working week in and week out
  • Provision to test the recovery of data
  • Capacity to operate if the computer that is normally utilized is inoperative as a virtual machine greatly shortening the recovery time frame
  • Backup through an automated process. Through an automated process we can lesson labor costs and insure a more reliable outcome.

Every business is different. Contact us today so that we can understand your needs and design a solution that will meet your needs. Let’s do this before its too late!

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