There you are at your computer, “hyper-flipping” from one program to another when it occurs to you, “This is similar to the way I feel at the eye doctor when asked, ‘Can you see better with lens A or B?’”

You ask the doctor to show you again, but as quickly as the images change, you can’t remember which is better. “I wish I could see both views at the same time, side-by-side.”

How many times, when switching between programs at your computer, have you forgotten a name or number you’ve just seen? Aren’t computers supposed to make us more efficient?

If we were working with paper, we could have two documents before us. Isn’t it possible to have two computer documents open at the same time–avoiding unnecessary printing, squinting, mouse clicking, and clutter? The answer is yes!

Cut wasted time from your busy day; use 2 computer screens.

Dual monitors allow you to double the width of your computer display, making it possible to have one program open on the left monitor and one on the right monitor–a great improvement in efficiency when you need to review two documents at one time.

Benefits to you:

  1. Email / Web Browser – Research a website while reading/writing an email.
  2. Spreadsheet / Word Processor – Utilize data from a spreadsheet while writing a document, or make spreadsheet entries while viewing a text document.
  3. Dual Websites – Easily view and compare websites, improving productivity.
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