Seen any old spy movies lately? You know the kind– where slight-of-hand and double-cross are the name of the game and the catalyst for the plot. A spy swipes confidential data, while a supposedly trustworthy informant passes along bogus information in lieu of the truth. Keeps you on the edge of your seat, doesn’t it? The victims don’t suspect a thing…yet.

Remember the old adage, “Art imitates life”?

Visualize technology-based methods of maliciously intercepting sensitive information belonging to others, and you will have a good idea of the risks faced today. Technological advancements have digitized age-old crime.

Much of your information is in an electronic format, so how can you protect yourself? Encryption is an effective technique. For example, which would be more secure?  Unencrypted: 2nd Quarter Revenue $14.8 Million OR Encrypted: “2:$V>7w&4|3+w=R0,xC5[}o-3c_d1? You get the idea.

Unencrypted data is subject to:

  • Prying eyes and theft
  • Data modification by unwelcomed sources
  • Inability to confirm the source of received information

A few protective moves:

  1. Plan – Determine necessary level of data protection; research available options, and/or acquire knowledgeable assistance.
  2. Encrypt – Various encryption tools and techniques are available.
  3. Retain Password – Don’t get locked out of your own data. Keep track of the “key”.
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