Remember the intro for the old TV show Get Smart? Each week Agent Maxwell Smart walked briskly and confidently down the long secret corridor of CONTROL through a series of massive metal doors–each opening exclusively for him and immediately slamming shut as he passed. Why all the doors? Simple, Agent 99… the doors protected CONTROL from attack by KAOS.

Analogy time… Like the stalwart doors of CONTROL permitting access only to Max, your computer security systems guard your valuable computer data and should allow access only to designated users. Your KAOS are those who attempt to steal data which can wreak havoc for you, your business, and your customers.

The reality is that you need multiple levels of protection to safely secure your data and the data belonging to your customers.

Here is a list of some of the critical levels of protection:

  1. Firewall – Keep the good files in and the bad files out
  2. Internet Security (anti-virus) Protection – Provides continually updated software to ward off attacks
  3. Employee Training – The best defenses must be coupled with careful and educated users
  4. Trustworthy Software – Install only reliable software
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