Sometimes companies produce software that amounts to a “home run,” while other times, not so much. Windows XP has been very successful for Microsoft. Windows ME (Millennium Edition) and Windows Vista were not as well received.

Windows XP was first released in 2001—that’s right, 12 years ago! How time flies! The widespread sale of computers with Windows XP pre-installed ended about 2010.

Almost every month since Windows XP was introduced, updates have been maintain or improve security and functionality. Microsoft has announced that extended support for most editions of XP ends 4/8/14 (about 7 months from now). We do not recommend using software that is no longer supported.

So what should you do? Well, that depends. Now is a good opportunity to review your business needs, expected future requirements, and your budget. There are a surprisingly large number of options available. Windows 7, Windows 8 (and soon 8.1), cloud based solutions, Mac, Linux, hosted desktops, and tablets are just a few of the options.

Why Use Supported Software?

  1. Continually, miscreants develop new ways to attack computers – Using unsupported software leaves computers vulnerable (no further security updates).
  2. New software offers new features that were not available in the past – These additional tools offer enhanced features to manage your business and improve productivity.
  3. New software supports new hardware – Newer hardware requires software which is compatible. Compatibility with older software is eventually dropped.

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