No software is perfect. All software has potential security holes, incompatibility, and performance problems. Often software companies find errors before releasing their software but issues can slip through the cracks. Also, software that worked fine initially may not play nicely with other newer software or hardware. To address these issues computer companies release patches to their software to fix problems or to improve their product.

Even more importantly, there are people that dedicate themselves to mayhem and data theft. They search high and low for chinks in the armor of computer systems. When they find holes they often give or sell their mischievous ideas to others. Responsible companies learn of these exploits and revise their software to restore protection through the release of patches.

In the past Microsoft issued patches at various times. The lack of a predictable schedule made it difficult, especially for companies, to plan. Now most Microsoft patches are issued on Patch Tuesday, the second Tuesday of each month. Very time critical issues are still released as needed. Today, 8/9/10, is Patch Tuesday for this month.

Here are some suggestions concerning software updates:

  1. Backup / Rollback – An effective backup and rollback system can allow you to recover a computer damaged by a software vulnerability or due to the software patch itself.
  2. Use Supported Software – Software manufactures don’t normally support their software forever. We suggest that you only use supported software. Windows XP SP2 and Windows Server 2000 for example are no longer supported.
  3. Test First – Prior to implementing patches first try the patch on a representative server or workstation to assure there are no problems. Large companies do this and smaller companies can too.
  4. Apply Soon – Applying security patches relatively soon after they are released means that you have the benefit of the latest protection available.

For further information on the topic of software updates please click HERE.

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