Printing Costs got your Budget in the Red?

Maybe you’ve noted that much of the printer manufacturers’ profit comes after the sale of equipment through ink and toner sales.

Be aware that printer cartridge output varies from less than 200 pages per cartridge to well over 30,000 pages per cartridge, depending on make/model. Big effect on your bottom line!

Businesses often think of printing expense as simply the printer purchase cost or the cost per cartridge, but these isolated costs are often misleading in terms of total expense. Analyzing Total print cost per page is a more accurate approach. For example: [(Printer Purchase Cost + Printer Cartridge Cost + Maintenance Cost) ÷ (Total Pages Produced)] = Cost Per Page.

Simple Steps to put Your Budget in the Black:

  1. Consider Your Printing Volume – Determine how much printing you do per month. You may be surprised—the figure may be higher than you think.
  2. Choose a Printer appropriate for your volume – Select a printer which provides an ideal balance between purchase price and cost of consumables. For example, it is possible that a printer costing $400 more than another model may potentially sport a $5,000 savings in toner cost in 5 years! Shop wisely.
  3. Know the Scoop on Printing Supplies – Toner cost, especially, varies widely. For many printers, both Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and compatible cartridges are available. The latter may save you a significant amount of money if you choose a reliable source.
  4. Optimize your business through ForeSight – we are your competitive and reliable source for printer and toner purchase, as well as computer hardware and software.
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