Yesterday we received a call from an organization needing to responsibly dispose of some computers. They wondered how to do so safely without inadvertently providing access of computer data to strangers.

Keep in mind, many disposal methods appear to be safe but are far from it.

For example, deleting files will not necessarily keep others from accessing private information. Even if the computer “recycle bin” or “trash bin” are emptied, the data is often still accessible.

Even reinstalling the operating system could still permit data retrieval. A computer hard drive, while far from perfect in protecting files from damage, can be remarkably helpful to a foe who wants to access your data.

Further, don’t forget that other electronic devices like smart phones, tablets, servers, thumb drives, memory cards, external drives, backup storage devices, printers, firewalls, and cameras may also hold sensitive data.

Some tools for more secure deletion of sensitive data:

  1. Physically Remove The Drive – Removing the data storage drive(s) will insure that your data is out of the hands of strangers.
  2. Shred All Files On The Drive – Just as one can shred paper documents, computer drives can also be electronically shredded to securely remove ALL data without damaging the drive.
  3. Physically Shred The Drive – This method will insure that all the data is truly gone.
  4. Recycle Computer With Trusted Firm – Professional firms will perform the disposal while insuring data security.

Give us a call and let us help you determine the best solutions for your needs!

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