Do you often see flatbed tractor trailer trucks rolling down the highway with very small loads? With the exorbitant price of fuel, this doesn’t seem like a cost-savvy practice, does it? Wouldn’t it be great if these light loads could be combined into one shipment? The savings would be staggering!

So why the talk about trucks? Actually, the servers in many businesses share something in common with such trucks: partial utilization. Many servers are running at only15% of their capacity! These under-utilized servers consume most or all of the space, energy, and capital costs of fully utilized servers.

Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, indeed: virtualization. With Virtualization, multiple “virtual” servers are supported by one physical server. Instead of one operating system and one application, a physical server can support 4 (or more) virtual servers. Utilization can often be increased from 15% to 60+%—providing a 300% or greater improvement.

3 Benefits to Virtualization:

  1. Energy Savings – Great energy savings can be achieved by powering fewer physical servers.
  2. Reliability – Greater reliability and recoverability can be achieved using virtual machines.
  3. Lower Capital Expense – Fewer physical servers reduce the amount of money invested in computer equipment.

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