Time brings change: video tape is old-school, watches aren’t wound anymore, keyless entry has arrived. Products evolve and improve over time–computer and server operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux are no exception.

Beware: old software leaves the user vulnerable as manufactures no longer address risks nor provide support. Computer software that is no longer supported should not be used, especially not in a networked environment.

So…stay current and protected.

 Is your aging operating system putting you at risk? Click Here for a list of Operating System Support-end Dates.

New Operating System (OS) Software Provides:

  1. Features – improvements over past versions. Early Windows, Mac, and Linux systems are a far cry from those available today.
  2. Performance – faster processor support, more memory, and improvements in efficiency.
  3. Security – better protection.
  4. Compatibility – maximum benefit from new components.

Don’t forget to update other software on your computer including Office, web browser, Flash, Java, ITunes, Adobe Reader, Exchange, SQL, QuickBooks, etc.

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