I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

Redundancy is critical.

Recently I spoke to a frustrated lady who had deleted many files from her computer in order to create extra space for a project. At the time, she had felt confident, knowing she had a back-up of the files.

Big Problem!

By not having files in multiple places, she effectively destroyed her safety-net.

Alas…the worst case scenario happened; her backup drive suddenly failed, resulting in the loss of these files. Sadly, many may be lost forever. This scenario is all too common.

Redundancy is key to data protection. Any one device can fail. Even two devices can sometimes fail (remember the US Air Hudson River accident).

For your protection, consider this:

  1. Primary Location – Choose a secure and safe primary location for your files. Normally this will be on a file server or on your local computer.
  2. On-Site Backup – For additional redundancy create local backups. These provide an additional level of protection and are often more convenient for recovery.
  3. Off-Site Backup – Periodically and securely store copies of your important files away from your office for defense against a disaster.
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