Strange Noises and Funny Lights…what gives?

Notice anything odd about your computer system lately? Hearing beeps, clicks, whines, or seeing funny-colored lights? Wondering if your system is trying to convey a message? As a matter of fact, it is.

Don’t ignore; take action. In some cases, temporary operation of the system will continue despite equipment damage. Your computer system may have sufficient redundancy to temporarily ward off a system disaster. Failure of power supplies, cooling fans, hard drives, etc., may be masked if there is component redundancy.

Keep in mind, indications of trouble are important, and a timely response is often critical. Failure to take action will often result in a true emergency.

Recently, a panicked business called us with a system failure. Unfortunately, the presence of a red indicator light had been ignored over time. Due to design redundancy, operations had continued but eventually ceased altogether. Had the customer contacted us when first noting the indicator, costly and inconvenient downtime could have been avoided.

Be safe, not sorry:

 Report Unusual System Behavior – If you see (or hear) something, say something.

  1. Have Your System Inspected Periodically – Inspections can detect problems which otherwise might go undetected until there is real trouble.
  2. Consider Remote Monitoring – Your IT provider can utilize remote monitoring to help insure that a defect is detected as early as possible.
  3. Prepare For The Unexpected – Make sure your disaster recovery plans are in place.

Give us a call and let us help you determine the best solutions for your needs!

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