Businesses today need to maximize productivity, security, and reliability in a cost effective manner. You may ask, is there an alternative to the typical business IT solution of PC’s and servers? And, if so, could such an alternative reduce our total cost of ownership (TCO)? Yes, indeed!

Instead of PC’s, Thin Clients (or Zero Clients) can be used.

So what is a Thin Client or Zero Client? It is a PC-like device that allows most of the “heavy lifting” to be performed by the server instead of the PC. “Thin” implies that it is to be used in conjunction with a server and not as a stand-alone computer.

Some Potential Thin Client Advantages:

  1. Reduced Workstation CostThin clients normally cost much less than PC’s. In addition they require less initial setup and configuration.
  2. Reduced Management Expense – In some situations, it is necessary to go from desk to desk to manage desktop computers. With Thin Clients, however, most of the management can be performed on the server.
  3. Improved Security – Most Thin Clients have no moving parts, no hard drives, and no data storage. They are often thought to be less vulnerable to user action, and security can be more easily managed.

Thin Clients are not right for everyone. Feel free to contact us for further information concerning your specific situation.

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