Windows 10:

Windows 10 was released 7/29/15. Additional features not found in Windows 8.1 were added to Windows 10. A Start menu was re-added.


Windows 8.1:

Windows 8.1 was released to update Windows 8 at the end of 2013. A number of issues experienced by users were addressed and improved upon in Windows 8.1.


Windows 8:

Windows 8 was released on 10/25/12. It’s most visible change includes a new “Metro” interface in lieu of the Start button. This interface is optimized for a touchscreen interface.

If you plan to purchase a new computer and would like to continue to use Windows 7 for the time being it may be possible to downgrade to Windows 7 depending on the Windows licensing utilized. Please contact us for further information.

Upgrades to Windows 8/8.1 can be performed directly from Windows 7. Upgrading from Windows Vista or earlier does require re-installation of the operating system and applications. In either case a full backup is highly recommended before making changes to the operating system.


Windows 7:

Windows 7 was released in 2009 and has established a very good reputation.


Previous Windows Operating System Versions

Microsoft eventually ends support for older operating systems. This includes the end of security patches. We do not recommend using an operating system on a networked computer after this support ends. Windows XP support for SP 2 and earlier ended for most users in 2010. Support for Windows XP with SP 3 ended in April, 2014.

Previous versions of Microsoft Windows include: Windows Vista, XP, Millennium Edition (ME), 2000, 98, 95 and 3.1.

This information is subject to change. Refer to Microsoft documentation for full details.

Please contact ForeSight Computer Solutions for an upgrade to Windows 10, or Windows 7.