These days it seems that everyone has a tablet computer and a smart phone! Though we frequently discuss security and data protection relative to computers and servers, what about these mini-computers? Some might think that since the device is small, the risk is likewise small. Not so! In fact, security risks are as great for tablet computers and smart phones, and yet in some ways, these devices are more difficult to protect than larger devices.

Consider these factors. These devices are easier to lose than your desktop computers yet frequently contain most or all of your sensitive data. Further, they utilize wireless and cell phone networks for communication, making data security more difficult. Synchronization of data between devices is handy but can result in missing, corrupted, or infected files on all your devices. An attack through your email account(s) on these devices can be just as damaging as an attack on larger devices.

Then too, it seems there is an app for everything. Email, remote computer access, phone conversations, text messages, banking information, navigation, web browsing, camera, calendar, contacts, social media, voice mail, etc. The more apps you employ, the more data your device contains. Realize that the more data you carry, the more security and backups are critical.

Please don’t treat devices in proportion to their size and cost. Let’s not learn lessons the hard way.

A Few Suggestions:

  1. Research – Not all hardware and software companies design and support their products well. Before purchasing, carefully review how you will use and protect these devices.
  2. Purchase – Remember the caveats concerning the purchase of hardware and software for a computer or server. The same rules apply to small devices.
  3. Secure – Passwords, software selection, updates, physical security, wireless security, and device disposal are all critical.
  4. Backup – Imperative. How will you backup your data?

Don’t let convenience control your security. Big or small, take care of it all!

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