There is an old saying that no one goes to work to do a poor job. But much effort does end in failure or at least underwhelming achievement. Why? Often it is because the tools used are not suited to the process.

I used a jack hammer recently and found it to be very effective. While excellent for the job at hand, it would not have been useful for backing up a computer or cleaning glass.

While these are of course absurd examples, how many times have you found yourself with the wrong tool? Today’s economy is too unforgiving for such mishaps! Time must be used wisely.

Appropriate Software Advantages:

  1. Work Performed Once – Any activity that must be performed two or more times is not cost effective. Do you enter or update the same information in two or more systems?
  2. Done Right The First Time – If you must repeat an effort due to error, there are many costs encountered. Some manufactures have two assembly lines, one to do the process the first time and another to redo the steps which were not done properly. Service providers sometimes do a lot of rework too. Does your business suffer from rework?
  3. Needed Information Available – Do you face situations in which the pertinent information should be available but is not?
  4. Response Time Improved – Fellow employees, customers, and vendors request information. How long does it take to service such requests? How long should it take?

The right tool is critical. Feel free to contact us for further information concerning your specific situation.

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