Have you noticed that virtually every week brings yet another report of significant cyber-crime? What are the root causes of this phenomenon? Two factors: sin is widespread, and a good deal of business occurs via computers. We could stop using computers, but incidents of forgery, mail fraud, and paper document theft would surge.

Realistically, what can we do? The answer is simple: become less-likely targets.

Analyses of instances of cyber-crime normally reveal missed opportunities to protect data. The key to avoiding victimization rests in analyzing weak points now in order to prevent harm in the future.

A few important defense mechanisms:

  1. Think From The Perspective Of A Criminal – Consider the attack vectors and how these vulnerabilities can be closed or mitigated.
  2. Protect the Virtual Entrances To Your Business – Network firewalls are one means of this type of protection.
  3. Monitor And Protect Servers & Workstations – This will help stop threats which find their way onto your network or originate from a local computer.
  4. Effectively Filter Email – Messages coming into your network can contain viruses, malicious content, and social engineering threats.
  5. Train Employees – Careful and informed employees should act as the last line of defense.

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