Are you a fan of gadgetry? Ah yes…gadgets… those outstandingly simplistic devices which make life just a wee dab more convenient. (Think pocket knife)

Need a few uncomplicated “gadgets” to aid your productivity? Navigating a sluggish economy and managing a busy schedule make even small time-savers relevant to efficient output.

If the following time-saving “gadgets” aren’t familiar to you, consider utilizing these tools to expedite your computer work;

  1. Copy / Cut / Paste – When you want to copy or move text from one location to another, you can often use Copy (CTRL+C) or Cut (CTRL+X) and Paste (CTRL+ V). Copy: places the text in memory but leaves the original intact. Cut: copies the text to memory and will delete it. Paste: places the text in a new location.
  2. Find – If you have a word or phrase to find on a document or web page Ctrl+F is a great help.
  3. Computer Lock – It is wise to lock the computer when you leave. Anyone who wishes to use the computer will need the password. We notice doctors’ offices and banks doing this most anytime an employee leaves his/her computer. Window+L will do this in an instant.
  4. Switch Window – If you would like to switch to another window on your computer but would rather not use the mouse, Alt+Tab is a quick way to get around. By the way, Window+Tab is another more graphical method available on many Windows Vista and Windows 7 computers.
  5. HelpF1 on a PC will often bring up context sensitive help.

Note: If you do a web search for “keyboard shortcut” along with your program name you can find many more. Mac users can use some of these commands by substituting Command for Control.

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