How much time do you spend in computer work each week?

If you are like most of us, it is a considerable amount of time. Moreover, it is an amount of time which has steadily increased over the past decade due to the development of many useful applications and increased workload. Do you feel your time is spent as efficiently as you would like?

If not, here are three basic topics for your consideration:

  1. Training – If specific tasks on the computer take a significant amount of time, there are probably faster ways to accomplish these. Often, general or custom training can be a great help
  2. Keyboard shortcuts – These are great time-savers. Some popular Windows shortcuts are Ctrl + C = Copy, Ctrl + V = Paste, Alt + Tab = Switch to another window, Ctrl + N = New document, Ctrl + U = Underline, Ctrl + I = Italic, Ctrl + B = Bold. For a list of shortcut keys search for “keyboard shortcuts” in the program help or in your favorite search engine.
  3. Improvements to computer hardware and software – Newer hardware and software typically help you accomplish tasks faster due to greater performance and more features. Effective computer maintenance can also recover lost speed for your computer system.
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