Have you ever known a person who implicitly trusts everyone? It doesn’t take long to see that this individual collects many friends yet becomes the target of unscrupulous opportunists. This is not good!

Ever known anyone who makes it a rule to trust absolutely no one? This lonely person misses out on the support of valuable associations. This is not good either!

Most of us opt for a proven third option; we carefully choose whom we will trust—and we do so based on the character of the individual.

When you select software, you in effect put your trust in another entity. The company responsible for the software either has your interests in mind or has ulterior motives. Beware: many unscrupulous attacks are carried out via software.

What is our opinion at ForeSight? We tend to select software created by:

  • a for-profit corporation
  • a business having an established and successful track record
  • a company headquartered in the United States
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