In most cases, too much of even a good thing can be detrimental (e.g., working is good, while working excessively is bad).

So too with software on your computer. Some folks install all the software they can get their hands on. Ultimately, their computers have problems. Why? On analysis, some of the software may not be well written. Some may not be kept up-to-date. Some may conflict with other installed software. Further, some of the software may be malicious or virus ridden.

Prudent businesses carefully select software applications. They make sure the software choices are compatible, test them to be sure they work properly, keep them updated, and make good use of the applications. The result? Their computers tend to operate faster and with less trouble. In the event a problem, they address the situation quickly and professionally—yielding a well-run system, properly supporting the overall business.

Software–tips for success:

  1. Select – Determine your primary needs regarding software, and determine what software will best meet those needs.
  2. Verify – Is it from a trustworthy source? Is it compatible with your computer?
  3. Update – Keep it updated. As issues are discovered and resolved, updates will likely be needed.
  4. Remove – If you decide to replace one type of software with software designed to address the same issue, properly uninstall the unneeded software.
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