What do you store on your computer: business documents, presentations, accounting data, pictures, music, videos, email, contact list, website favorites, calendar information, etc.?

Most folks don’t appreciate the importance or magnitude of material stored on their computer(s) until it’s in jeopardy.

ForeSight is often called upon to help rectify: hard drive failures, virus attacks, theft, corrupted systems, etc. Sadly, as of yet, we’ve not received a call from a computer disaster victim who had a recent back-up of their important files.

Don’t risk your valuable information!

You have two choices:

1.    Take precaution to avoid failure and minimize threat.


2.    Accept the loss which will occur following an inevitable misfortune.

Some Key Precautions:

  1. Back-up – In many ways a current back-up allows failures to be “un-done.”
  2. Verifiy Back-up – Assure that the entire backup process is working to protect all critical data.
  3. Store Off-Site – Reduce the risk of losing both computer and backup data.

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