How many times has this happened to you? There you are working on an important proposal for a new client. Others in your business are billing customers, answering important emails, and working on the new marketing campaign. Then suddenly the power goes out…

All your unsaved work is lost even though you were but minutes away from emailing your proposal. Ugh! You are shut down! If the outage was caused by a lightning strike, you may also have damaged computer equipment. The computer(s) will be unusable until repaired or replaced. What an expensive and disruptive scenario! Is this any way to run a business? No.

Could this situation have been avoided? Yes!

As you may know, an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) is a device that provides power during limited power interruptions, allows time for files to be saved, allows the computer to be shut down properly, and typically offers voltage correction and surge protection reducing the likelihood of damage to your computer.

UPS devices are easy to live with. Phone, cable, and network circuits may also be routed through the UPS to help improve protection. Less expensive devices that only provide surge protection are also available in situations not requiring a UPS.

Typical protective UPS features:

  1. Battery Backup – Keeps the computer running during limited duration power loss and incorrect voltage
  2. Proper Shutdown – Allows time to save files and shut down your computer properly
  3. Surge Protection – Helps eliminate voltage spikes to your valuable equipment
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