We’re often asked, “Should we upgrade to the new Windows 8 operating system?” The answer really depends on the user’s tolerance for change and his/her requirements.

Windows 7 was a logical replacement for Windows Vista. It fixed many of Vista’s shortcomings and provided more features, speed, and security. Windows 7 is easy to use for those familiar with prior versions of Windows; Windows 8 does not lend itself to as seamless a transition for users of earlier versions.

In fact, Windows 8 is a real departure, in many ways, from previous Windows operating systems. Windows 8 was designed around a common user interface applicable for all Windows 8 devices. This common interface allows users to easily jump between a Windows 8 desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or phone. Time will tell whether or not this common interface was a brilliant move. Generally speaking, in our experience Windows 8 is a little faster than Windows 7 and offers some interesting new features.

Many initial Windows 8 users find the interface to be confusing. Instead of a single interface made up of the desktop and integrated start menu, the functions of the start menu are located on a new Start screen which is supported on all Windows 8 computer devices and is touch screen compatible.

Windows 8.1 (free upgrade from Windows 8), was released about a week ago and addresses some Windows 8 glitches, helps to make navigation a bit more user friendly, and offers additional navigation options. An aftermarket start menu can be added to function as a conventional Windows start menu; with this addition, Windows 8 can perform much like Windows 7.

Windows 7 computers and the operating system are still very widely available at this time. Many businesses prefer not to upgrade to the latest version of an operating system and believe that a slightly more mature version will be more trouble free and reliable.

Windows 8.1 Advantages:

  1. Faster – Most people experience faster start-up, shut-down, and overall better Windows performance.
  2. Supported Longer – Windows 8 should be supported for some years longer than Windows 7.
  3. Some Additional Features – Improved search and new features like Start Screen, live tiles, and SkyDrive.

Want to talk about whether Windows 7 or Windows 8 is right for you? Give us a call, and let’s discuss which option best fits your needs.

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