Remember back in the day when CB radios were in? Fun, huh? Enthusiasts loved talking to truckers and other road warriors, though most people did more listening-in than talking—it was the nature of the fad, right? 10-4…good buddy…

Yet, while eavesdropping was an acceptable necessity in the case of CB-ing, you likely don’t find it acceptable for others to read your e-mail messages, see your website communication, or spy on your company or personal documents.

Because wireless signals travel through the air, they can be picked up by intruders. Good news: there are a number of ways to reduce the risk of your data being viewed by others.

Some Key Wireless Protection Suggestions:

1. Encryption – This makes the receipt of your data typically useless. WPA2 is generally regarded as the most secure encryption technology widely available today. Encryption using WEP is not considered as secure.

2. Wireless Key – The wireless key (equivalent to a password) allows you to decrypt the encrypted communication. We recommend a long, strong, unique key.

3. Guest Account – These accounts typically allow the user to access the internet but not the local network.

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