What would you do if your business were completely destroyed by fire? Four Dallas businesses were destroyed Tuesday morning. First, was anyone hurt? “No”. Good! Now what?

Do you have a recent off-site backup of your data?

If “No”, what will you do? The statistics indicate that half of all small businesses are unprepared. Many businesses fail in this situation.

If “Yes”, you can have your data restored onto new computers. You can then work with your employees, customers, suppliers, and insurance company to begin rebuilding your facility or moving to another location. Your business will likely succeed.

Three protective actions you can take to help avoid a complete disaster:

  1. Backup your computers frequently.
  2. Verify that your backups are working properly and will allow you to restore you critical data.
  3. Store backup data off-site. It is fine to store on-site too, but it is critical to have data off-site.
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