Need the capability to work in multiple locations—a “mobile office” of sorts? Confused as to how to choose an optimal and efficient solution? Truth is, there are many options—it’s easy to become confused shuffling through the wide range of choices.

We can help! Begin by confirming your specific requirements.

For example:

Do you need remote access to files, or to the entire computer? Will you have reliable internet access in the locations where you will work? Will multiple people need access, or just you? How critical is the security of your data? Is this for business or personal use?

Answers to questions like these can help us help you determine the best choice.

Some of the common solutions involve one or more of the following:

  1. Remote Computer Control – Provides the ability to access a computer or server from a distant location
  2. Cloud Based Data Sharing – Allows Access to files from a remote location
  3. Virtual Desktop – Supports a portable server based desktop computer not tied to a specific physical computer
  4. Cloud Based Services – Provides computer software and services hosted on the internet

Give us a call and let us help you determine the best choice for your needs!

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