Lazily indulging in a second cup of morning coffee, you curiously peruse your email. Oh look! Bob has written; what a nice surprise!

“I haven’t heard from him in ages! Wonder what’s up?”

Anticipation turns to surprise as you scan the message. What Bob has to say causes you to nearly spill your coffee.

“I’m traveling in Bulgaria. All my money was stolen. I need your help immediately…”

You want to help Bob in his dire situation. But then again…this is all a bit odd. Seems strange he would turn to you first. And Bulgaria? Hmmm… you decide to investigate.

Good idea!!!

Come to find out, Bob did not send the email. Someone broke into his email account and sent requests for “help” to all of Bob’s contacts. Thankfully, you contacted Bob through some other means than his hi-jacked email account and found your suspicions to be well-grounded. Poor Bob—what a mess!

It gets you to thinking…

Is my email account safe???

A Few Simple Steps to Protect Your Account:

1.    Strong Password – Use a strong and unique account password–one that would be nearly impossible for an intruder to guess.

2.    Strong Password Reset Questions – Treat these questions as you treat your password. Don’t make it easy for someone to access your account without your permission by claiming that the password was “forgotten.”

3.    Use All Available Security – Some email services have additional features and systems available to protect your account.

4.    Exercise Caution When Using Public Computers – If you use a public computer to access your account, be certain not to leave log-in information on this computer for someone else to find.

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