I turned to Jim from ForeSight Computer Solutions because my computer refused to turn on. I have no idea how computers work and since I know that Jim has such a great knowledge, I knew that he would be the first one that I would go to. First of all, Jim went out of his way to meet me to pick my computer. He told me that he would take a look at it and he would let me know what was going on before he started anything. Jim called me not even 24 hours later and said that he believed it was a problem with the motherboard - so I again was at a loss for what to do since I am clueless about computers.

He AGAIN went out of his way to call HP and see what it would cost to fix my computer and whether or not it was under warranty. He had not only gotten back to me on what HP would have charged me but also looked up what a new part and an outside computer shop would charge me. I was astounded by that. He also offered to help if I had any questions if I decided to purchase a new computer. He all with a smile on his face the whole time he was helping me. Jim with ForeSight Computer Solutions turned my experience into a more positive one with his helpfulness and amazing attitude and work ethic.

Leanne Schiro
Vasquez Family Chiropractic