What about Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a technique which allows an outside source to provide computer services to your company. With cloud computing, your company data and the application software are located on a remote computer belonging to the provider. The term “cloud” is a metaphor for the internet. Examples of cloud computing services include: customer relationship management, data backup, word processing, and accounting software.

Thinking of utilizing cloud computing services? The following points are offered for your consideration:

  1. Service Interruption – Consider how you will continue business operations in the event that you are without access to the internet, your data, or the service.
  2. Data Backup – Can you arrange local backup of your data? Providers periodically suffer service interruptions and some have gone out of business.
  3. Privacy – Realize that your data will pass via the internet and will reside on computers owned by others. Encryption will offset some of this risk.
  4. Cost vs. Benefit – What is the cost of the service compared to an in-house choice? How do features, access speed, and reliability compare?
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