As you have likely noticed, there have been more reports of cyber attacks in the news lately. This serves as a good reminder concerning the maliciousness of cyber attackers. As businesses use computers more and more and many employees continue to work from home, the crooks have reinvented themselves and their attack methods to exploit the present technological work situations.

If you are not working with a trusted IT support provider, we highly recommend that you do so. Many aspects of computers appear simple, but this ease of use has the side-effect of making access to a would-be attacker easy as well. Security is still a high priority and, perhaps, an even greater priority now in our present scenario. Our goal is to make attacks so difficult that cyber attackers give up and move on. Beyond this, we put backup solutions in place, allowing the recovery of data to be as smooth as possible, should that need arise. Hackers will look for and prey upon the least-protected devices. We will be happy to review your IT situation with you and make recommendations as needed, with the goal of protecting you and your business. Below are a few of our offerings that could be of particular assistance during this period of higher-than-normal cyber-attack activity:

Computer Monitoring: Computer monitoring, patching of supported software, managed antivirus protection

Computer and Server Backup: Monitored encrypted backup service to an off-site cloud-based secure location

Firewall Monitoring: Firewall monitoring, periodic patching

Security Awareness Training: Ongoing cybersecurity education and training that employees complete on demand. The training is adapted and updated over time to meet evolving security challenges.
In addition to the above offerings, there are many other solutions we offer that may be of benefit to you and many can be provided remotely. If we can help in any way, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We are here to support you and your business; we take pride in partnering with our clients for their success.

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